AC Block 2021

AC Handicap Block Competition 2021

Neil  Jim  David  John  Simon  Steve Peter Dave  Points
 Neil Adams
 Jim Allcock
 David Cornes
 John Henderson
 Simon Robins
 Steve Skelton
 Peter Wardle
 Dave Williamson

The games will be 18-point with a 2-hour time limit. Games start with all the clips on hoop 1, but as soon as one of the balls of a side either scores hoop 1 for itself or is peeled through hoop 1 by an opponent, hoop 9 (3-back) becomes the hoop in order for its partner ball and the appropriate clip is moved to that hoop immediately.

Games will be full handicap using a base of 6 and should be entered on handicap cards. The table below should be used for conversion of Full to 18-point games.