Croquet for All

Croquet for all

Crake Valley provides modem clubhouse facilities, game equipment, sufficient lawn space and member coaching / tuition to people of all ages, gender and health status to enjoy the game of croquet.

By offering individual and group sessions to a large variety of newcomers (and repeaters) we hope to encourage people to play more often whether socially or competitively.

The desired outcomes:
More people are introduced to the game of croquet
Better health mentally and physically for people of all ages
Better well-being through meeting new people/social interaction.
Fun and enjoyment through learning new skills.

All you need is a small group of self-minded people (family, friends or work colleagues) willing to try the game – and a pair of flat shoes.

How to arrange your session:



Costs £8 per person for 2 hours (tea / coffee available with a donation towards the cost welcomed)