AC Block 2023

AC Handicap Block Competition 2023

David Sandra  Colin  John  Simon  Steve  Points
 David Cornes +1 +18 +8 +18 12
 Sandra Cornes -1 -6 +1 -7 6
 Colin Dykes
 John Henderson -18 +6 -16 5
 Simon Robins -8 -1 +16 5
 Steve Skelton -18 +7 4

Arrangements should be made between player for individual games (contact details are on the Member’s Page of the website). Points awarded will be 3 for a win and 1 for a loss, encouraging completion of the fixtures.

Where both players agree, games can be played with advanced rules and an agreed time limit.

Otherwise, the games will be 18-point with a 2-hour time limit. Games start with all the clips on hoop 1, but as soon as one of the balls of a side either scores hoop 1 for itself or is peeled through hoop 1 by an opponent, hoop 9 (3-back) becomes the hoop in order for its partner ball and the appropriate clip is moved to that hoop immediately.

Games will be full handicap using a base of 6 and should be entered on handicap cards. The table below should be used for conversion of Full to 18-point games.