GC Knock-out 2019

For the first round the first named player should contact the 2nd named player to arrange a mutually convenient time to play their match For the 2nd round onwards the person who is second to qualify should contact the person already through to arrange a date to play.
Consider contacting others and playing round 1 & 2 on the same day.
All matches are 1 game straight knockout – winner progresses.
Each game lasts 45 minutes – AFTER WHICH 8 ADDITIONAL SHOTS ARE PLAYED UNDER THE “EXTENSION PERIOD” IRRESPECTIVE OF THE SCORE. NO extra turns allowed in the 8 shot extension period. if scores are level after the 8 additional shots then the hoop being contended will be played to a conclusion and the winner of that hoop progresses. Full handicap allowance (maximum 12).
Remember people are often not available due to holidays and other commitments so please arrange your game(s) well in advance of the due date.