Internal Competitions 2022

Internal Competitions for 2022

Crake Valley will be running both AC and GC competitions this season, as detailed below. Please register your interest  using the Club email, stating which events you would like to play in. Alternatively, you can enter your name on the noticeboard in the clubhouse.
The deadline for entry is Friday 20 May.

In responding, members should also state whether they are prepared to continue / initiate having their details listed in the Members Area, giving a contact number where appropriate. This will ease the process of arranging matches.

AC Block Event
An all-play-all block where games can be handicap, 18-point with a 2-hour time limit but also, where both players agree, level play advanced rules may be used, although still with a 2-hour time limit. This may be split into two blocks depending on the number entering.

GC Knockout Event
All matches will be one game with 45 min time limit, straight knockout using the Advantage handicap system.

GC Block Event
Again, all matches (45 min time limit) will be played using the Advantage handicap system. The number of blocks will be adjusted depending on the number of entrants.