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To order a copy of the booklet “Crake Valley Croquet Club – The First 125 Years” click here.

Lawn Diary

For those who have not used Teamup before, click on the date you wish to make a booking and in the form that appears enter a title for your booking; uncheck “All day” and enter the times for your booking; finally, click “Select or type” under “Calendar” and choose Lawn 1a, Lawn 1b, Lawn 4a, Lawn 4b or (full lawn) Lawn 3 . By selecting Lawn 3 (d-b), there is also the possibility of double banking where the times you need are already booked, ensuring that all participants are playing the same form of croquet.

When booking, please remember to uncheck the “All day” button so that the correct booking times can be entered.

You can edit your booking at any time, or you can delete it provided you are using the same computer on which you made the booking (or at least one with the same internet connection).

There is now the opportunity to view contact details for users logged into the site. As more members register for this facility, it is hoped that increased communications will allow clarification of bookings where necessary and enable the arrangement of games.

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