Using the Lawn Booking System

Using the Lawn Booking System

In December, 2023, the Committee decided to adopt a Lawn Booking System that has been developed by a croquet player specifically for use by croquet clubs. This program allows more accurate and detailed booking as well as providing additional facilities. This note gives a brief introduction to using the system.

The diary screens

During the winter months, lawns 1 and 4 are used only as half lawns and are listed as A and B, respectively. Lawn 3 is used as a full lawn and, to allow double banking, is listed as 3p and 3s (primary and secondary colours). The default diary screen for this period shows these lawns for a single day with the time in 30 min slots arranged vertically (see below).

Booking a lawn

By clicking on a time slot for a specific lawn, the screen changes to one where a few further details are required.

In the ‘Brief description’ box, enter usually the player names with further details (optional), such as friendly, competitive, practice, etc., in the next box. The default duration time is 3h but the start and end times can be modified using the dropdown boxes. Make sure that the type of game being played is correct (and allowable – see later). By default, the program will send an email to the person making the booking; check the box if you do not want an email to be sent. On clicking ‘Save’, the booking will be shown on the diary screen:

Clicking on the area of the booking will allow you to view, edit or delete the booking.

During the winter months, Lawn 3 is available for full-lawn games and booking is achieved as described above by clicking on the appropriate time slot. For example, an AC game booking with primary colours might have the details:

Having made this booking, another AC game with secondary colours but within the same time slot could be made, but attempting to book the lawn for a GC game with the same time parameters would result in:

where the cross near the save button indicates that the booking is not allowable. The initial tick merely indicates that there are no timing conflicts. PLEASE ALWAYS ENSURE that there are two green ticks before attempting to save a booking.

Alternative Diary setup

During the main season from April to September, the default setting of the main dropdown box immediately under the date will change from ‘Crake Valley (winter)’ to Crake Valley’, changing the lawn settings to those shown below where Lawns 1 and 4 are split into A(p) and B(s), respectively. This setup allows each to be used as shared full lawns, but also gives the opportunity to book either lawn for short croquet.

Generally, members will be needing to book a date in the future.  On PCs and laptops, the date can be set by clicking on the appropriate number in the calendar on the left of the screen. For phones and tablets, the calendars are not shown and it’s necessary to click on the date at the top of the screen to bring up a calendar, choose a date and then click the ‘Go to’ button. This method can also be used on PCs and laptops.

Please note that the system does not allow bookings more than 3 weeks in advance and a member can have no more than 3 future bookings in the system at one time.